Catch one of Miami’s most promising acts, Urban Rebel, Live at The Rock Shop May 18th

Urban Rebel is a groove rock and heavy funk band from Miami, Florida formed in 2007. The band consists of vocalist Will Gonzalez, aka Trip “6”, bassist Laszlo Piringer, aka” LaC”,lead/rhythm guitarist Alex Jose Gonzalez “aka” Jim BOB and a female drummer Elisa Seda, aka “E”.

Here’s what Blogger Robby Robb had to say about one of their recent shows:

“Funk/Metal/Hip-Hop fusion cabal Urban Rebel were then faced with the challenge of performing one of the most eagerly anticipated sets of the night, which they did in a no less than explosive fashion. Mixing elements of Korn, Fishbone and Rage Against the Machine with a brutally gifted rhythm section would be enough to snare the average crowd’s attention. But adding Lead Singer, Trip6’s mammoth stage presence (or, in this case, standing atop a large crate presence) and Drummer, Elisa Seda’s exceptional -let’s call it- “noticeability” to the mix was enough to turn this crowd into a fearsomely adoring mob.”

Here’s a small sample of their show. See you May 18th!! \m/