Bajo Tregua – La Nueva Generacion del Rock en Español

Bajo Tregua combina un distinctivo sonido de Rock Americano con fuertes y profundas liricas en español, que logran fusionarse entre si para crear un tan esperado nuevo sonido en la musica de hoy.
Comprendido por cinco musicos estelares los cuales ponen sobre la mesa su estilo propio y unico, BAJO TREGUA propone un rico y poderoso sonido que dificilmente puede ser olvidado.

Bajo Tregua es la nueva generacion del ROCK alternativo progresivo en espanol de esta segunda decada del siglo XXI

Catch one of Miami’s most promising acts, Urban Rebel, Live at The Rock Shop May 18th

Urban Rebel is a groove rock and heavy funk band from Miami, Florida formed in 2007. The band consists of vocalist Will Gonzalez, aka Trip “6”, bassist Laszlo Piringer, aka” LaC”,lead/rhythm guitarist Alex Jose Gonzalez “aka” Jim BOB and a female drummer Elisa Seda, aka “E”.

Here’s what Blogger Robby Robb had to say about one of their recent shows:

“Funk/Metal/Hip-Hop fusion cabal Urban Rebel were then faced with the challenge of performing one of the most eagerly anticipated sets of the night, which they did in a no less than explosive fashion. Mixing elements of Korn, Fishbone and Rage Against the Machine with a brutally gifted rhythm section would be enough to snare the average crowd’s attention. But adding Lead Singer, Trip6’s mammoth stage presence (or, in this case, standing atop a large crate presence) and Drummer, Elisa Seda’s exceptional -let’s call it- “noticeability” to the mix was enough to turn this crowd into a fearsomely adoring mob.”

Here’s a small sample of their show. See you May 18th!! \m/

Dyslexic Postcards release brand new video | “The Shakes That You Make” | Enjoy!

Dyslexic Postcards can be described as “Tropical Trash”, attitude at any volume, a fashionably colorful stage performance & a sense of Marx brothers humor, these debauch rockers have started new era for Rock n’ Roll. Composed mind altering rock-n-roll you can dance to, paired along with insanely imaginative visual art, thus bringing the ultimate sensory experience…..

Visit them here:  Dyslexic Postcards


Dyslexic Postcards


The Nude Cap ::

Super sexy, innovative, extremely handsome, but enough about Nando Tats. The Nude Cap brings sexy back, then butt-fucks Justin Timberlake in front of all his friends. A little punk, a little surf, a little this, a little that. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Want to see a killer whale eat his/her trainer? No, you want to see The Nude Cap. Want to see babies vomiting on monkeys? No. You want more Nude Cap. What does The Nude Cap mean? Who the fuck knows… just come to a show you lazy douche (or douche’ if you’re French). Get that carrot out of your butt and come see The Nude Cap, we will stick the carrots and/or other veggies up your glory hole. This orgy of interracial deliciousness of a band (Mexican, Black, Asian, Cuban, and Colombian) will make your local food court feel like the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.

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Dear Darling’s “Clouded Room Of Happiness”

“Clouded Room Of Happiness” a series of songs by Dear Darling used as neurotransmitters to emit music signals from the different human states of mind, where sweetness meets its dark side, love meets hate, nature meets destruction, righteousness meets loneliness, and happiness hell…


via Dear Darling.

UnmasKd Music

UnMasKd is a five piece rock band from South Florida that features an enthralling unique sound that could be described as cinematic, energetic and captivating to people from all audiences. Coming from a long path of victories and defeats the band still believes their journey is far from over. UnMasKd truly breaks new ground with their new musical ideas and strong powerful lyrics determined to make a new face in christian rock! Determined to heal a world that has been hurt, Unmask’d brings forth deep, passionate, heart-healing, breath-taking lyrics that are guaranteed to leave you UNMASKD!!

Ju Rodriguez – Lead Vocals
Alex Pichardo – Guitar
Luis “Luigi” Lopez- Bass
Kris Cooper – Drums, Scremo Vocals
Danny Lopez – Keys and Synths

via Unmaskd Music.


Falseta – Running Low On High – Music Video – YouTube

Miami based band Falseta emerged from the jungles of Hialeah in 2008. Explosive, bold and fresh, they’ve conquered South Florida’s stages small and large, ranging from local live music venue favorites to impressive theaters, such as The Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Pablo Malco’s Production, “Hip Hop Symphony.” Their signature aggressive polyrhythmic sound and melodic voicings make for an unforgettable experience, rivaled only by their live performances. Falseta draws its influences from a wide cross section of artists and genres. Drummer Romulo Bernal teamed up with guitarist and long-time friend Vishnu Saiz in 2008 writing music til the lineup was completed with vocalist Marcus Fernandes, along with Leo Zitto on bass and Ernesto Paez on guitar. Hot off the release of the official video for their first single “Running Low On High,” the band is currently adding the finishing touches to their EP, due out in early 2012. Recorded in Bazooka Studios with John Garcia, the self produced album will pay tribute to an old band project of the same name, which had almost the same line up as Falseta does today – “Perfecta.”

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Minimal Presents “Antibalas Corazon”

The band described by the Miami New Times as “the tastiest bitter-sweet candy for fans of wall-flower angst electropop,” is an international project of musicians from Colombia, Peru, and Nicaragua who met in the U.S. but continue to produce and perform across international borders.

Minimal just released their third studio production, Antibalas Corazon, showcasing their most dynamic sound to date. The album, entirely produced by Minimal, contains six tracks mixed by multiple Grammy® Award winner Sebastian Krys, and three tracks mixed by long time band producer Dan Escauriza at Chicago’s renowned I.V. Lab Studios. Antibalas Corazon incorporates fast paced tempos and a wide variety of textures through the use of synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and traditional indie-rock elements that characterize the band’s sound.


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The Deadly Blank- ‘Hands in my Pockets’ – YouTube

The Deadly Blank- ‘Hands in my Pockets’ 

The Deadly Blank, a.k.a. “Miami’s Rock & Roll Phallus”, is an original electric power trio from Miami, FL. Their sound is vintage rock with a modern roll.
Click on ‘Band Profile’ for a list of upcoming shows.
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Brand Name Punk – Hopes and Dreams (HD) [feat. Kristen Stewart (sort of)] – YouTube

Brand Name Punk – Hopes and Dreams (HD) [feat. Kristen Stewart (sort of)] 

Brand Name Punk Est.2009 Is an energetic pop-punk trio out from Miami. Singing about anything from robots and the future to love affairs and heartbreak! Sure to please a crowd! Ricky, Andy and Marjorie rock harder than adamantium and shoot first when confronted with greedy bounty hunters. Puta Puta BNP.

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