GET WELL YANKEL! The Yankel Guzman Benefit Concert



Rock Kulture & Friends Present:

Get Well Yankel! A Rock-n-Roll Concert to Benefit The One & Only Yankel Guzman

Miami-based concert producers Rock Kulture, along with Friends & Family team up with Miami Beach
Botanical Gardens for a night of music and fun on May 30th 2014.

The concert will feature a lineup of local bands and artists uniting behind one of their own. Among the confirmed acts are Soundcircles, Electric Owl Revue, Vecinos de la Noche, Uma Galera and DJ Tarra Martinez. Additional entertainment, a silent auction and raffle will round out the evening. Proceeds from the event will go directly to the Guzman Family to aid with medical and rehabilitation costs. Get your ticket now by donating $20 or more on this page! Tickets will also be available at the door.

Yankel Guzman is a Miami Beach native, known to many as a talented musician, energetic MC and concert producer,suffered a massive brain aneurysm on April 15th due to an abnormal vein rupture and was rushed to Mt Sinai Medical Center. After several surgeries and tough fight Guzman was stabilized and the recovery process began. The severityof the aneurysm has left this enigmatic musician without the ability to speak, walk or move his right side and while none doubt his determination to make a full recovery, the process will be long and costly. Described as “one of the best human beings we know,” by close friends and colleagues, Guzman is known to those in his community as a genuine, hard-working and intelligent man. “The kind of person who would give you his last dollar and then walk home without a second thought,” says close friend and local celebrity Christie Ashenoff of South Beach Tow fame.

Miami Musicians Power Sonyk Xplosion

Miami Musicians Power Sonyk Xplosion

By: Hali Neal on October 11, 2013.

Bajo Tregua Musician Yankel Guzman, together with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation and Rock Kulture, gathered a group of Miami’s most unique local musicians to provide the soundtrack to the Sonyk Xplosion, a benefit to raise money and awareness for HIV prevention on September 21.

Bajo Tregua

The show started off with a bang, as guests lined the red carpet outside the Nowhere Lounge in Miami Beach and posed for photos. The show didn’t really get going until a quarter of 11 that night, however. The Deadly Blank’s rousing, rocker of a set was the perfect lead in to Urban Rebel’s set at 11 p.m.

Lead singer of groove rock band Urban Rebel, Trip Six, has this great energy that surrounds him and only contributes to the commanding presence he is on stage. This energy rubs off on the rest of the band as well: one won’t find a group of musicians who come more alive than Urban Rebel does during their live shows. The Sonyk Xplosion show was no different. From Elisa Seda’s sonorous drumming to Jim Bob’s shredding guitar to LaC’s pulsing bass to Six’s electric vocals, Urban Rebel’s performance got the crowd jumping and their pulses racing.

Urban Rebel

The crowd got to see Guzman, the night’s MC, pull double duty after rock band Bajo Tregua came on: Guzman is also the backup vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the band. Bajo Tregua played a solid set, combining crunching guitars with passionate Spanish lyrics and vocals to the delight of the audience.

Experimental band Soundcircles came on after Bajo Tregua, which was either a great lineup move or a questionable one, as they came on at 1 a.m. Soundcircles’ set was mostly comprised of slow, meandering Pink Floyd-influenced jam songs. They weren’t bad songs by any stretch of the imagination, but depending on the person it could either relax one or put one to sleep, which is may not be what Guzman was aiming for with the lineup.


Alternative band Zen the Band was up next. Most of the crowd had cleared out by the time they took the stage, but that didn’t stop them from playing a good set. Zen the Band has experienced a resurgence in the South Florida scene with a flurry of recent performances. It’s apparent that their previous time off did them good as all the band members, from singer Juliette Cam to guitarist Alex Smith to drummer Addison Smith, brought a newfound liveliness to their performance. This writer can only hope that this will continue.

Zen the Band

In the end, one felt a real sense of community at Sonyk Xplosion, which along with the killer performances and funds raised (one of the bands, Urban Rebel, even donated their profits for that night to the Foundation!), made for a truly enjoyable night out.

via Miami Musicians Power Sonyk Explosion.

The Sonyk Xplosion! in South Beach – Sat Sep 21st 2013 – Get Your Tickets Now! \m/




Bajo Tregua












Broken Tenure1



D.J. HAC420












Surviving Miami

SURVIVING MIAMI: VOLUME 1 is a communal compilation  featuring  20 of South Florida’s most talented, under-exposed and over-sexed original Rock Bands in one album.

Surviving Miami is proud to be sponsored by the 2013 HackMiami Conference, Radio-active Records, Headquarters, the Shack North Studios, Graceful Sounds FM, Leti’s Liquors of Pembroke Pines and Sector 8 Video Productions.

Bands to be added soon: Humbert, Juke, The Riot Act, Sound Circles and The Vilifiers.

[download id=”3″]


1. 7 Seas – Sweet Nothings

7 Seas – Sweet Nothings

2. Astari Nite – Waves

Astari Nite – Waves

3. Bajo Tregua – La Caja

Bajo Tregua – La Caja

4. Brand Name Punk – Japanese Queen

Brand Name Punk – Japanese Queen

5. By Default – Your Exit Will Be Your Lie

By Default – Your Exit Will Be Your Lie

6. The Deadly Blank – Lucky

The Deadly Blank – Lucky

7. Dear Darling – Maniquí d’ e’pouvante

Dear Darling – Maniqui d e pouvante

8. Falseta – Sweet Blasphemy

Falseta – Sweet Blasphemy

9. In Habit – Silenced Throats

In Habit – Silenced Throats

10. Lavola – Paris

Lavola – Paris

11. The Livesays – Until You Kissed Me Like That

The Livesays – Until You Kissed Me Like That

12. Midnight Kahuna – Rosemarie

Midnight Kahuna – Rosemarie

13. The Nude Cap – That Miami Guy

The Nude Cap – Miami Guy

14. Radioclip – Tonight

Radioclip – Tonight

15. Rebel – New Walls

Rebel – New Walls

16. Session Zero – Taste My Scars

Session Zero – Taste My Scars

17. Space Between Words – Tiger

Space Between Words – Tiger

18. The Super Fuzz – Inside Job

The Super Fuzz – Inside Job

19. Urban Rebel – Ordained Predators

Urban Rebel – Ordained Predators

20. Vizeral – How it Feels

Vizeral – How it Feels




By: Nando Tats

On Friday, October 19th MTV ( and Rock Kulture ( joined forces for a
great cause. That cause being MTV’s “Staying Alive Foundation” (
Rock Kulture was asked to recruit the most prominent bands and musicians in Miami, and
among these bands the following were chosen: Zania Sala (, Urban Rebel
(, The Nude Cap (, The Deadly Blank (
thedeadlyblank), Vizeral (, Bajo Tregua (,
BarrioActivo (, Frank Zapata (, DJ Jose De Las Casas
(, Jose Tillan (, Dj Jandres (

The night started pretty laid back as we arrived at Purdy Lounge in Miami Beach for sound
check at around 6pm. We greeted each other like adults (high-fives, kisses, and bro-hugs), then
we proceeded to take a 4 block walk to Miami’s own MTV Studios. During said walk, Josh
(guitarist for The Nude Cap) was in charge of holding the free case of Voli Vodka (brought to us
by sponsor Gulf Liquors).

As we were walking, that box started to get heavier, so Nando (The Nude Cap) and Yankel (Bajo
Tregua) decided to open one of the bottles and relieve Josh of such heavy lifting. We had also
decided to start drinking out of said bottle due to dehydration (1 out of 2 scientists state that
musicians are only able to walk 1 block before requiring some sort of booze). As we arrived
at MTV, we met up with the most talented photographer in Miami, Penn Aragon from *She’s
Blank ( The more photos she snapped, the more Voli we consumed. Mahh
wiiife (Borat’s voice) Sonia had even mentioned that maybe we’ve had enough to drink, but we
(The Nude Cap) disagreed, disregarded, and decomposed. It was then that a stretch Hummer
limousine (provided by our friends at Rock Kulture) pulled up, and picked our drunken asses up
to take us around South Beach and its surroundings all the way to Purdy Lounge.

The limo ride was full of good vibes as we passed the Vodka and other substances (that shall
remain nameless for the purpose of this article) around. Zania (Zania Music) and Sonia (The
Nude Cap) were in the front with the Urban Rebel masters (Trip Six, Laszlo, E, and Jim Bob),
Deadly Blank’s Eric, Kill That Rooster’s Frank, Bajo Tregua’s Nestor, BarrioActivo’s Mario,
and Rock Kulture’s Alex and Natalya. Around the back, there were The Nude Cap’s Josh, Ponti,
Amarie, *She’s Blank’s Penn, BarrioActivo’s Guido and Eugenio, Bajo Tregua’s Yankel, and
The Nude Cap’s Nando (the most handsome feller on earth, might I add). In the front, they
smiled and kept it classy. In the back, we argued, smiled, hugged, slapped, and kissed each other.

As the limo pulled up to Purdy Lounge, the red carpet (no joke) had already been pulled out for
us Miami royalty bad ass musicians. Cameras were flashing, and we all felt a little tingly on the
inside (again, could have been the Vodka). Once inside of Purdy, the musicians started to set up

and the show was on!

Here’s the set list below:

Queen – “We Will Rock You” (Trip Six, Eric, Frank)

Lenny Kravitz – “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (Yankel, Jim Bob, Eric, Craig, Frank)

Guns N Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (Zania, Sonia, Eric, Jim Bob, Craig, Frank)

Johnny Cash – “Walk The Line” canceled due to intoxication (Nando, Josh, Ponti)

Soda Stereo – “Musica Ligera” (Nestor, Alex, Yankel, Laszlo, Frank)

Bob Marley – “This is Love” (Eugenio, Mario, Guido, Frank)

Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Eugenio, Mario, Guido, Frank)

Aerosmith – “Walk This Way” (Zania, Trip Six, Mario, Alex, Laszlo, Elisa)

Nirvana – “Breed” (Craig, Eric, Alex, Laszlo, Elisa)

The Beatles – “Come Together” (Zania, Eric, Alex, Craig, Elisa)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Otherside” (Zania, Jim Bob, Laszlo, Elisa)

Rage Against The Machine – “Killing in the Name” (Trip Six, Jim Bob, Laszlo, Elisa)

With the great success of this show, MTV and Rock Kulture were able to raise awareness and a
few more thousand bucks to MTV’s “Staying Alive Foundation”.

Look out for “Surviving Miami Vol.1” which is a compilation of songs from your
favorite Miami bands. Brought to you by Craig, Eric (The Deadly Blank), Ferny Copiel
(, and

Special thanks: Revolution (, UnMaskd (,
Mala Morticia (, Makai (, When in Maine
(, and all of you that took time out of your Friday night to
support this great cause.

-Nando Tats (Exotic/Executive Dancer at The Nude Cap)
Check out my other articles for Rock Kulture here at

The Rock Shop Farewell – Fri, June 15th

By Nando Tats

Yes, yes… The Miami Heat is in the finals once again! Lebron and Wade are the talk of the town, and Chad Ocho Douchebag has just signed with our beloved/hated Miami Dolphins (I always thought this was a strange name for a football team. It is just way too cute).  What else has been going on in Miami? Zombies man! People eating each other’s faces, while enjoying their finest brand of bath salts. All signs point to Apocalypse! Here’s another sign… The Rock Shop ( in South Beach has announced that they will be closing their doors.

The Rock Shop has welcomed and hosted original live music in the heart of South Beach for a few years now. Jazid and The Rock Shop stood out in Washington Avenue as the main choice bars for live original music. It is however, time to move on and bid farewell to The Rock Shop.

As their last endeavor, The Rock Shop hired a team of event specialists to book 4 of the best bands in Miami for one last night of debauchery. Upon accepting the challenge, Rock Kulture ( has put together a dreamy, sexy ass line-up, for this event. Ready?

Urban Rebel ( if you live in Miami and you haven’t heard of this local band, you sir/ma’am are a cocksmoker. Trip 6, LaC, E, and Jim Bob bring the motherfucking funk like no other band! I have played a few shows alongside Urban Rebel and they haven’t once disappointed. Not just because they are my friends and have a great attitude, but also because they are top notch musicians. There isn’t one song in their set where the audience is not completely blown away. Check out Urban Rebel live if you haven’t already done so, but if you already have experienced them live, well then keep attending their shows. This band will be huge. Mark my words.

The Deadly Blank ( arguably the raddest band name in South Florida.  “Vintage Rock & Roll With a Modern Twist” is an understatement. These 3 dudes are the real deal, not that turtle shit you hear on the radio. I have also played alongside The Deadly Blank a few times and their sound is distinct and tight. One of the most interesting/best bands I have ever had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. Craig, Carlos, and Eric bring Rock & Roll to its knees and makes it gargle it.

Falseta ( Better described as “The kind of music metal dudes listen to with their girlfriends”. Melodic, hard, beautiful, Rock & Roll. Oh yeah, these Hialeah”an” dudes are talented and they will make sweet love to your moms whether you like it or not. Do me a favor and check out their video for “Running Low on High” ( from their debut EP titled “Perfecta”. I dare you to screen this for your mom, or girlfriend, or wife.

Barrio Activo ( Cuban rhythm with a side of Rock, Funk, Ska, and Reggae. Can you gobble that up? Barrio Activo’s music is insanely creative and appeals to a wide listening audience. I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing the stage with these dudes, but judging by what I’ve heard, I am really enjoying their sounds. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, it will get you your lame ass dancing and bobbing your head. I am not ashamed to say that I want to smoke a fattie and have their songs playing in my head all day.

As you can see Rock Kulture has done it once again. Less shit talking, and more getting shit done. Rock Kulture is here to support the local scene, while providing great shows to those who enjoy live music and don’t want to spend their nights at some place, listening to some dude play shit music on repeat on his laptop.

This article has been brought to you by Nando Tats of the band The Nude Cap ( Any questions, concerns, corrections, and inquiries, can be sent to our website. They will not be reviewed and will be filed under my nutsack for further consideration.




The Nude Cap to tear it up once again at Jazid next Friday, June 1st

Super sexy, innovative, extremely handsome, but enough about Nando Tats. The Nude Cap brings sexy back, then butt-fucks Justin Timberlake in front of all his friends. A little punk, a little surf, a little this, a little that. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Want to see a killer whale eat his/her trainer? No, you want to see The Nude Cap. Want to see babies vomiting on monkeys? No. You want more Nude Cap. What does The Nude Cap mean? Who the fuck knows… just come to a show you lazy douche (or douche’ if you’re French). Get that carrot out of your butt and come see The Nude Cap, we will stick the carrots and/or other veggies up your glory hole. This orgy of interracial deliciousness of a band (Mexican, Black, Asian, Cuban, and Colombian) will make your local food court feel like the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.

Catch them Live at Sobe Rock Invasion III

Friday, June 1st, 10PM

Jazid 1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach