May 4th – SoBe Rock Invasion II

Here we go again !!! SoBe Rock Invasion part II.

Another great night featuring some of the best bands in town.

This time around we’re going all pre- Cinco de Mayo on you with the following kick-ass Latin Rock line-up:

* Bario Activo

* Mala Morticia

* La Gente Naranja

Let’s have a hell of a Pre-Cinco De Mayo party !!


See you at the show \m/

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Rock Kulture’s “Sobe Rock Invasion” Review

Rock Kulture’s “Sobe Rock Invasion” Review

By: Nando Tats

Twas just another night in Miami Beach, FL. Skanky outfits, extra small v-necks, shitty house music,overly priced tattoo parlors… Ahhhh, the glamour on Washington Avenue was flowing, and douche bags were flaunting their parents’ Beemers to the best of their ability.Upon arriving at Jazid at around 10pm, I was greeted by Rock Kulture’s Natalya and Alex. They were very courteous and helped each band finding their whereabouts. As musicians, our attention spam works a little something like this: “Can I park here? Can you watch my instruments? Is the bar open? Is that homeless guy, or is he in a band? Do they serve Ceviche here?”. At least that’s how my attention works…

The line-up for the night was as follows: Urban Rebel (Funk Deliciousness), BrandNamePunk (Pop/Punk Warriors), Dear Darling (Rock/Experimental Sweetness), Unmaskd (Rock / Alternative Sick Vocalistas), The Deadly Blank (Rock/Alternative Rawness), and The Nude Cap (Rock/Surf Drunken Good Time). The recipe was perfect; it was just what the live local music doctor had ordered.The crowd was settling in, and Jazid was becoming smaller and smaller. Drinks were flowing, cigarettes were being lit up and the mood was just right.

First up: “Unmaskd” – these dudes had their harmonies down to a science! The lead singer (Ju Rodriguez) looks like he could beat you to a pulp (which he probably could), but this dude had the most angelic voice. I hadn’t seen them before; however I was very impressed by what I heard. Their lyrics were uplifting, and the music… the music was heavy boy! HEAVY!

Second on the bill: “Dear Darling” – I immediately fell in love with their lead singer (Dama Vicke)… sweet Indie/Experimental melodies with a twist of sexy. The whole band dripped in sexiness. The progressions were tight, and the crowd was feeling it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I heard Pink Floyd meets Bjork. Am I wrong? Catch them live and prove me wrong. I’ve been a fan of Dama since the Huma Rojo days, and she never disappoints.

Third band on the bill: “The Deadly Blank” – or as the band likes to describe itself “Vintage rock with a modern roll”. That is actually a very accurate description. Think The Raconteurs meets Wolfmother.Think true rock-n-roll, think, think, think. Catch them live and prove me wrong.

Fourth on bill: “The Nude Cap” (my band) – the band that refuses to see babies vomiting on moneys. I can personally attest that this band is about partying and having a good time. Why not? So we got on stage, and couldn’t see a fucking thing because of poor lighting, but mainly because we were trashed. Well, not all of us, but mainly me. All right, only me… So I put my guitar down, tucked in my vagina and rocked the fuck out of Jazid. We had fun, did you? Yes you did. We rule, the end.

Fifth on the bill: “Urban Rebel” – Trip 6, Lac, and E, blew the roof of Jazid! These guys (and lady) are no joke. Funk / Groove / Rock: think Primus nips RHCP in the butt, while fingering Rage Against the Machine. All was working in their favor. Great sound, lighting, stage presence, and a very VERY precise tight set! Their special guest David De La Fe (a.k.a Freak, a.k.a Gracious Nipples) did not disappoint either, making an appearance in a few of Urban Rebel’s tunes. David has been a musician for the best part of his life, and it shows. Their guitarist for the night (whose name I’ve seem to have forgotten)brought it all together with only a few rehearsals, but just as tight as the other members in the band.

Last, but not least on the bill: “BrandNamePunk” – Now, this is the sound and attitude you want booked on your shows. Not only are Ricky, Marjorie, and Andy great musicians, they’re also a fun loving bunch.Their precise “brand” (get it?) of Pop/Punk puts New Found Glory, Green Day, Blink 182 to shame!Check out a little video called “Hopes and Dreams” where BrandNamePunk kidnaps Kristen Stewart (Twi-twat), and make her their love slave. Highly recommend you catch them live!!
So, will you be attending the next Rock Kulture event? Will you pay more attention to the bands mentioned above? Will you like this review? Was any of this offensive? Do you want to make love to me? Tu quiere Taco Bell?

I wrote this in a hurry without a spell check… so bring on the grammar police. I’ll have all your corrections and complaints filed under me nutsack.


Your Nude King.

– Nando Tats
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04.06.12 | SoBe Rock Invasion

Friday, April 6, 2012 @ JAZID (1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach)

10:00pm until 5:00am

Starting April 6th, Miami’s kick ass Rock Scene has a home @ Jazid the first Friday of every month \m/


Each show will be a mini-festival packed with awesome talent and all sorts of party animals. You’re cordially invited to join the insanity!




* Urban Rebel

* The Deadly Blank

* The Nude Cap

* Brand Name Punk

* Dear Darling

* UnmasKd

$5 |10PM-5AM | 21+

(Contact bands for pre-sale tickets)


Keep supporting local music..!.See you at the show \m/

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04.07.12 | The Deadly Blank + Chris Alvy Band + Session Zero | Live @ The Rock Shop

Saturday, April 7, 2012 | 10:00pm until 2:00am

The Rock Shop (1334 Washington Ave, Miami Beach)

3 of the sexiest and dirtiest Rock N Roll bands in the city get together one epic night to make love to your senses..

* The Deadly Blank

* Chris Alvy Band

* Session Zero

No Cover and Drink Specials all night.

This will be one hell of a show!!

See you at The Rock Shop! \m/

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The Nude Cap ::

Super sexy, innovative, extremely handsome, but enough about Nando Tats. The Nude Cap brings sexy back, then butt-fucks Justin Timberlake in front of all his friends. A little punk, a little surf, a little this, a little that. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Want to see a killer whale eat his/her trainer? No, you want to see The Nude Cap. Want to see babies vomiting on monkeys? No. You want more Nude Cap. What does The Nude Cap mean? Who the fuck knows… just come to a show you lazy douche (or douche’ if you’re French). Get that carrot out of your butt and come see The Nude Cap, we will stick the carrots and/or other veggies up your glory hole. This orgy of interracial deliciousness of a band (Mexican, Black, Asian, Cuban, and Colombian) will make your local food court feel like the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.

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Dear Darling’s “Clouded Room Of Happiness”

“Clouded Room Of Happiness” a series of songs by Dear Darling used as neurotransmitters to emit music signals from the different human states of mind, where sweetness meets its dark side, love meets hate, nature meets destruction, righteousness meets loneliness, and happiness hell…


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UnmasKd Music

UnMasKd is a five piece rock band from South Florida that features an enthralling unique sound that could be described as cinematic, energetic and captivating to people from all audiences. Coming from a long path of victories and defeats the band still believes their journey is far from over. UnMasKd truly breaks new ground with their new musical ideas and strong powerful lyrics determined to make a new face in christian rock! Determined to heal a world that has been hurt, Unmask’d brings forth deep, passionate, heart-healing, breath-taking lyrics that are guaranteed to leave you UNMASKD!!

Ju Rodriguez – Lead Vocals
Alex Pichardo – Guitar
Luis “Luigi” Lopez- Bass
Kris Cooper – Drums, Scremo Vocals
Danny Lopez – Keys and Synths

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Minimal llega a Deep Ellum con su honestidad

Minimal llega a Deep Ellum con su honestidad


Minimal llegan a Dallas el viernes 9 de marzo

DALLAS — A la par del reciente estreno de su tercer disco, Minimal, una banda de rock alternativo afincada en Miami, se presenta por primera vez este viernes 9 de marzo en Dallas como parte de una cartelera de rock independiente en Deep Ellum.

Alejo, baterista del grupo, conversó con desde Miami sobre el origen del grupo, el cual indicó, está integrado por 3 colombianos, un peruano y un nicaraguense, los cuales se conocieron jugando futbol y poco a poco fueron desarrollando el concepto de lo que hoy es Minimal.

No hay otra cosa que el público vaya a encontrar antes en esta banda al escucharla en vivo “que un sentido de honestidad”, afirma Alejo. “Y se van a divertir”, dice en anticipación  a su tocada, que calcula durará alrededor de una hora en el Prophet Bar.

La banda lleva siete años de existencia y en la actualidad promociona “A deriva”, del álbum “Antibalas corazón”.

Es un disco sin pretensiones, y que a diferencia del primero, cuya lírica fue un poco existencial, a decir de Alejo, es “más energético, aunque tiene un par de canciones lentas.”

La música de Mínimal es una buena mezcla de elementos electrónicos, con letras en inglés y español, y alguno que otro sonido de energía tropical.

Sobre las influencias del grupo, Alejo menciona a bandas como Café Tacuba o Radio Head, “pero en cada disco nos influye lo que escuchamos en el día a día… Aunque se nota una influencia de cosas que escuchábamos de más jóvenes como Aterciopelados, Caifanes, Postal Service o Pearl Jam”.

Las cosas no son demasiado fácil a nivel local para la propuesta de Minimal, siendo Miami la cuna de ritmos tropicales. Alejo reconoce que lo que abunda en esa ciudad es “música para mover el culito” y pocos son los lugares donde se tocan ritmos alternativos como el rock en castellano.

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Orion Music + More

March 8, 2012

Take a look about an inch (depending on your monitor, mobile device, tablet, etc.) up on the home page at our brand spankin’ new Orion news ticker… we’re so excited about our upcoming festival, and so many new cool things will be added in the coming weeks, that we wanted to always have the latest news right here on top of

If you click on the banner, you’ll go right to the Orion Music + More site and see that a lot has happened since we last met in our online video announcement. We’ve added the Damage Inc. stage which will headlined by our friends Suicidal Tendencies and Sepultura and will feature lots of cool, heavy, thrash and punk bands that many of you have not had a chance to experience yet including Torche, Red Fang, Kyng, Landmine Marathon, and more. We’ve added to the current the line-up Eric Church, our 30th anniversary partner in crime, Jim Breuer and his Heavy Metal Comedy Tour, Wooden Shjips, and our other Fillmore buddies, the Soul Rebels… they’ll be joining Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, The Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, The Sword, and many others all listed on the site. There is a lot more information for you about the festival in the new FAQ section, and an awesome new video to watch with clips from many of the artists who will be joining us in Atlantic City on June 23 and 24, 2012.

Finally, we’ll make it easy for you to count the days to Orion Music + More with the handy count-down clock in the upper right corner.

Lots more to come… keep watching here and

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Rush to Release New Album, Clockwork Angels, in May

Rush to Release New Album, Clockwork Angels, in May

Anne Erickson | 03.08.2012

Ready for some new Rush? Good! According to Blabbermouth, Rush’s highly anticipated new album, Clockwork Angels, is set to drop on May 29 in the U.S. on Roadrunner Records and in Canada via Anthem/Universal Music. The CD also is slated to be released in Japan on May 23 on Warner Music.

Clockwork Angels is the follow-up to 2007’s Snakes & Arrows, and the guys of Rush went to the production team of Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Stone Sour) and engineer Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Dream Theater) for the recording.

Rush drummer Neil Peart recently checked in with Modern Drummer to talk about his dedication to the art of creating sick rhythms and beats. “I made a comment somewhere about drumming in one of my stories, and Doane Perry remarked on it. I said that when I’m sitting at a light with my turn signal on, that’s a click track, and my fingers start playing. You don’t ever stop being a drummer – that’s absurd psychologically,” he said. “And Doane said, ‘I do the same thing. I play a little cadenza on the steering wheel.’ Of course. We all do. I’m constantly thinking about rhythms, and there’s always music in my head.”

Peart added that he has a goal that he “absolutely will practice every day. There’s no other way to get it,” he said. “It’s not like I’m being lazy. Buddy Rich, for example, hated practicing, would never do it, would never rehearse with the band. Well, he was that good. [laughs] That’s all. I know I need to practice, and I do, for whatever purpose – if I’m rehearsing for a tour, if I’m just playing for fun, or if I’m practicing exercises that a teacher gives me.”

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