By: Nando Tats

On Friday, October 19th MTV ( and Rock Kulture ( joined forces for a
great cause. That cause being MTV’s “Staying Alive Foundation” (
Rock Kulture was asked to recruit the most prominent bands and musicians in Miami, and
among these bands the following were chosen: Zania Sala (, Urban Rebel
(, The Nude Cap (, The Deadly Blank (
thedeadlyblank), Vizeral (, Bajo Tregua (,
BarrioActivo (, Frank Zapata (, DJ Jose De Las Casas
(, Jose Tillan (, Dj Jandres (

The night started pretty laid back as we arrived at Purdy Lounge in Miami Beach for sound
check at around 6pm. We greeted each other like adults (high-fives, kisses, and bro-hugs), then
we proceeded to take a 4 block walk to Miami’s own MTV Studios. During said walk, Josh
(guitarist for The Nude Cap) was in charge of holding the free case of Voli Vodka (brought to us
by sponsor Gulf Liquors).

As we were walking, that box started to get heavier, so Nando (The Nude Cap) and Yankel (Bajo
Tregua) decided to open one of the bottles and relieve Josh of such heavy lifting. We had also
decided to start drinking out of said bottle due to dehydration (1 out of 2 scientists state that
musicians are only able to walk 1 block before requiring some sort of booze). As we arrived
at MTV, we met up with the most talented photographer in Miami, Penn Aragon from *She’s
Blank ( The more photos she snapped, the more Voli we consumed. Mahh
wiiife (Borat’s voice) Sonia had even mentioned that maybe we’ve had enough to drink, but we
(The Nude Cap) disagreed, disregarded, and decomposed. It was then that a stretch Hummer
limousine (provided by our friends at Rock Kulture) pulled up, and picked our drunken asses up
to take us around South Beach and its surroundings all the way to Purdy Lounge.

The limo ride was full of good vibes as we passed the Vodka and other substances (that shall
remain nameless for the purpose of this article) around. Zania (Zania Music) and Sonia (The
Nude Cap) were in the front with the Urban Rebel masters (Trip Six, Laszlo, E, and Jim Bob),
Deadly Blank’s Eric, Kill That Rooster’s Frank, Bajo Tregua’s Nestor, BarrioActivo’s Mario,
and Rock Kulture’s Alex and Natalya. Around the back, there were The Nude Cap’s Josh, Ponti,
Amarie, *She’s Blank’s Penn, BarrioActivo’s Guido and Eugenio, Bajo Tregua’s Yankel, and
The Nude Cap’s Nando (the most handsome feller on earth, might I add). In the front, they
smiled and kept it classy. In the back, we argued, smiled, hugged, slapped, and kissed each other.

As the limo pulled up to Purdy Lounge, the red carpet (no joke) had already been pulled out for
us Miami royalty bad ass musicians. Cameras were flashing, and we all felt a little tingly on the
inside (again, could have been the Vodka). Once inside of Purdy, the musicians started to set up

and the show was on!

Here’s the set list below:

Queen – “We Will Rock You” (Trip Six, Eric, Frank)

Lenny Kravitz – “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (Yankel, Jim Bob, Eric, Craig, Frank)

Guns N Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (Zania, Sonia, Eric, Jim Bob, Craig, Frank)

Johnny Cash – “Walk The Line” canceled due to intoxication (Nando, Josh, Ponti)

Soda Stereo – “Musica Ligera” (Nestor, Alex, Yankel, Laszlo, Frank)

Bob Marley – “This is Love” (Eugenio, Mario, Guido, Frank)

Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Eugenio, Mario, Guido, Frank)

Aerosmith – “Walk This Way” (Zania, Trip Six, Mario, Alex, Laszlo, Elisa)

Nirvana – “Breed” (Craig, Eric, Alex, Laszlo, Elisa)

The Beatles – “Come Together” (Zania, Eric, Alex, Craig, Elisa)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Otherside” (Zania, Jim Bob, Laszlo, Elisa)

Rage Against The Machine – “Killing in the Name” (Trip Six, Jim Bob, Laszlo, Elisa)

With the great success of this show, MTV and Rock Kulture were able to raise awareness and a
few more thousand bucks to MTV’s “Staying Alive Foundation”.

Look out for “Surviving Miami Vol.1” which is a compilation of songs from your
favorite Miami bands. Brought to you by Craig, Eric (The Deadly Blank), Ferny Copiel
(, and

Special thanks: Revolution (, UnMaskd (,
Mala Morticia (, Makai (, When in Maine
(, and all of you that took time out of your Friday night to
support this great cause.

-Nando Tats (Exotic/Executive Dancer at The Nude Cap)
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Fri, June 1st: SoBe Rock Invasion III

Friday, June 1, 2012

10:00pm until 5:00am

Let there be Rock in South Beach! \m/

We are invading the beach once again with a killer line-up featuring the very best in Miami Rock:

The Deadly Blank

The Nude Cap

Bajo Tregua

Live Rock all night downstairs! DJ’s upstairs!

Tickets available from any band or at the door.

Hope to see you at the show \m/


1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

via SoBe Rock Invasion III.